Dynamic Big Block Wall Solutions.

The MagnumStone system is designed for complete versatility and offers innovative and effective methods of production and installation. The hollow core blocks are engineered to efficiently adapt to any retaining wall application, maximize land usage while requiring 40% less concrete than solid concrete retaining wall systems. With a complete range of block units, the MagnumStone system provides solutions for any style or application of big block retaining walls.

Common Applications
Gravity Walls: Gravity retaining walls can be built in tight areas with limited excavation space. MagnumStone gravity retaining wall extenders offer designers the ability to build taller gravity retaining walls by increasing the wall depth in 2 ft. or 4 ft. increments. Gravity extenders deliver impactful performance while further fortifying retaining wall outside corners.

Geogrid Walls: Geogrid retaining wall designs are used to reinforce soil mass and help designers build retaining walls that will resist active forces from above and behind the wall. MagnumStone SecureLug connection offers a superior interlock between the specified grids and the block-to-block connection.

Terraces With Planters: Terraced planter retaining wall designs work in harmony with MagnumStone’s big block retaining wall system. The lightweight, large units allow wall designers the flexible solutions with environmental benefits. The hollow core provides a plantable pocket to increase greenery and reduce the spread of heat island effect, commonly found in concrete surfaces.

Water Applications: MagnumStone’s hollow core offers internal vertical and horizontal drainage design advantages. This minimizes the effects of hydrostatic pressures behind the wall. MagnumStone’s wet-cast units provide durable 4,000 psi (27.5 MPa) concrete that’s resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and saturated conditions. MagnumStone blocks are optimal for stormwater management solutions including dry ponds, retention ponds and drainage channels.

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