Dynamic Big Block Wall Solutions.

MagnumStone wall blocks are specifically designed to offer a lot of application versatility. Gravity walls can be built in spaces with limited excavation, and the use of the extender units allows for taller gravity walls by increasing the depth of the standard blocks. MagnumStone also works great for geogrid walls, with the SecureLug connection locking the grid in place with the block-to-block connection. Speed and efficiency are the trademarks of the MagnumStone system, but the uniquely textured faces and the ability to mix 24” and 12” high blocks make MagnumStone an attractive retaining wall solution.


MagnumStone Base BlockMagnumStone Standard BlockMagnumStone Top BlockMagnumStone Universal End Corner
MagnumStone Half-High BaseMagnumStone Half-High StandardMagnumStone Half-High TopMagnumStone Half-High End Corner (Left - Right)
NOTE: Extender Units & Step/Caps are also available.


  • REGULAR UNIT SIZES: 48"x 25"x 24"
  • REGULAR CORNER UNIT SIZE: 4"-9"x 28"x 24"
  • ​REGULAR SQUARE FEET: 8 Face Sq. Ft. / Unit
  • HALF-HIGH UNIT SIZES: 48"x 25"x 12"
  • HALF-HIGH CORNER UNIT SIZE: 4"-9"x 28"x 12"
  • ​HALF-HIGH SQUARE FEET: 4 Face Sq. Ft. / Unit
  • COLOR: Natural
  • FINISH: Stone Textured Wet-Cast


MagnumStone - Extenders
For more specific product information, download the "MagnumStone Spec Guide" linked below.

Technical resources

Product Installation - Gravity Wall
download pdf
Product Installation - Geogrid Wall
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download pdf
MagnumStone Spec Guide
download pdf