The Lampus Guarantee

Products with Integrity

Lampus products are manufactured with our customer in mind. 

Engineered to be a durable and quality product, our block, pavers, and retaining walls are a caliber above our competitors. 

We create a product with integrity that will last and we stand by that with our warranties. 

R.I. Lampus Company Hardscape Dry-Cast Products Lifetime Warranty: 

R.I. Lampus Company guarantees that all dry-cast wall and paving stone products meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM C-1372 for walls and ASTM C-936 for paving stones. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser for residential applications installed and maintained according to R.I. Lampus Company installation guidelines or industry standards. Damage sustained as a result of improper installation or design, chemical application, excessive loading, or other misuse is expressly excluded from this warranty. Should any dry-cast product prove defective, it will be replaced without cost. Replacement labor and shipping costs are not included in this guarantee. Proof of purchase is required. Retain the warranty tag with batch information for all claims.

R.I. Lampus Company specifically disclaims any warranty relative to color, color consistency, or texture due to natural material variations. Color matching of any replacement units cannot be guaranteed. Efflorescence, a white deposit, common on concrete and masonry surfaces, is a natural occurrence and no warranty or liability is expressed or implied for this condition.

Wet-cast products, including Rosetta® Hardscape Products, are backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to the original end user, for products used in residential applications. This assurance of product quality is applicable where products have been correctly installed to manufacturer’s specifications or industry standards. Any properly installed hardscape material that deteriorates due to the concrete in the product not meeting the design strength specification will be replaced by the manufacturer of the product. Replacement labor and shipping costs are not included in this guarantee. Proof of purchase is required. Retain the warranty tag with batch information for all claims. The following items are not covered by this warranty: color variances and the appearance of surface stains resulting from chemical reactions such as efflorescence or differential curing, damage caused by installation, deterioration caused by de-icing salts or fertilizers, damage resulting from sub-grade settlement or movement, hairline cracks that do not affect the structural performance of the products, spalling of less than three percent of the surface area, contact with chemicals or paint, discoloration due to airborne contamination, staining, oxidation, or improper sealing.

The colors of products shown on this website are to be used as representations or guidelines only. The photographic and printing processes are not fully capable of reproducing exact colors of all products. Colors may also change from production run to production run. All products are not warranted as always available in all locations, and R.I. Lampus Company may change, amend, add, or discontinue any product, shape or color at the sole discretion of R.I. Lampus Company with no prior notification. Not all colors are available in all shapes. Check with the sales department for availability. To assure random color distribution, it is recommended that individual blocks be mixed from different pallets on the job site. Actual product colors may vary slightly. We recommend that products be viewed at your local Distributor location. Special order colors are available upon request.

The face of retaining walls can be stained due to mineral and moisture laden soil in the backfill area. Cleaners and sealers are available for routine wall maintenance. 

Cleaners and sealers are available for surface enhancements and protection when necessary. Any concrete products used for stair tread applications may require a protective sealant to resist adverse effects of de-icing agents.

Snow can be shoveled or plowed from pavers as readily as other pavements. High strength, low absorption R.I. Lampus Company pavers are more resistant to de-icing salts than ordinary concretes, but they can still be damaged by intense applications. Sealers will help to protect the surface.

Lampus does not manufacture brick or stone veneer products; we distribute them. 

For warranties of brick or stone veneer purchased through the R.I. Lampus Company, see individual manufacturers’ product warranties.

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