Over 95 Years of Superior Service


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Since 1924, R.I. Lampus has been manufacturing quality concrete products and providing superior service to the tri-state region.

For four generations, the family-owned company has introduced the area to innovative outdoor-living, hardscape, and masonry products to accommodate consumer's needs through relentless product research and development.

Western PAs Premier Concrete Products Manufacturer

R.I. Lampus Company is the largest manufacturer of concrete block and hardscape products in Western Pennsylvania.
In addition to its concrete block and hardscape products, R.I. Lampus' Alloy Division serves the carbon steel, stainless steel and cast iron industries across the nation.
The company has seven manufacturing facilities and a fleet of over 40 heavy-duty delivery vehicles serving the region. 
Most recently, R.I. Lampus has strengthened its position as one of the largest tri-state distributors of clay brick and stone veneer products.


Founded in 1924, see how we survived the depression to become the tri-state area’s largest manufacturer of concrete block and hardscape products.

Lampus Block

Brothers Ralph and Harry Lampus opened the R.I. Lampus Company in Springdale, PA in 1924, producing and selling cinder block to the growing community around Pittsburgh.  But soon the depression cut into business, and forced Harry to leave. Ralph stayed on to continue the manufacturing and delivery of block on his own.

Despite the depression, Ralph kept the company operational through the late 1930's and as the company entered the 1940's. New high-capacity machinery enabled R.I. Lampus Company to produce more block at a lower cost per unit, launching a rapid growth phase through its incorporation in 1952.

R.I Lampus and Donald Lampus Sr.

Ralph Lampus still had difficulties to face. Cinders were becoming more difficult to acquire, so he began the transition to natural aggregates such as: Sand, Gravel, Limestone, Granite, and Expanded Shale.

Ralph's son Donald, after working in various tasks at the plant since the age of nine, joined the company full time in 1962. With a degree in civil engineering, Donald helped to expand the vision of the R.I. Lampus Company.

By the time Donald joined in 1962, R.I. Lampus Company was the largest producer of concrete masonry units in the Tri-State area, and soon would expand its manufacturing expertise into other untapped markets, like hardscape products (Interlocking Paving Stones and Segmental Retaining Walls) and one of North America’s largest Alloy Briquette plants.

Donald Lampus Sr. and Don Lampus Jr.

Donald's son Don Jr. joined the company full time in 2007 after a career in Top Fuel Drag Racing and running the Doren Inc. hardscape plant. With his degree in Industrial Engineering Don has helped take R.I. Lampus Company to the next level.

R.I. Lampus Company has expanded its concrete block operation with:

  • A second block plant in Aliquippa
  • Opened a wet cast concrete plant to expand the line of concrete products the company can offer
  • Acquired agreements with many clay brick companies to expand the company's reach in the building industry
  • Opened the first R.I. Lampus Company retail hardscape store in Erie, PA
  • A third block plant in Cambridge Springs, PA to service the Erie and surrounding markets

4 Generations

We now begin to look toward the future with the addition of Don's nephew Drew to the company.

After graduating with a degree in Economics, Drew joined the company full time in 2018 and is well on his way to learning the ins-and-outs of every aspect of the company's operation.

The R.I. Lampus Company is proud that through a combination of determination, high standards, and commitment to continuous improvements, it has made a name for itself by providing the best service and the best products to its customers for over 95 years.