9 Rainy Day Activities

by R.I. Lampus
Rainy Day Activities
We all know how frustrating it is to be stuck inside on a rainy day. Boredom sets in and you find yourself itching to be busy. If sitting still and listening to the raindrops is not your idea of a good time, then this list was made for you.

1. Indoor picnic – The idea of having an indoor picnic is simple but can be fun for adults and kids alike. Once you've decided to commit to the activity, find a basket or bag you would typically take on an outdoor picnic at the park. Include your children or significant other in preparing fun, bitesize snacks that you can eat on your ‘outing’. Find somewhere in the house to lay down a cozy blanket, like in an entryway or by a big window. Settle in and share your treats while you enjoy the fun time munching and spending time together in an unconventional way.

2. Get crafty – Have you saved a craft on your Pinterest page that you're dying to do but don’t have any time? What about a hobby you would like to kick off but haven’t taken the initiative to get started? Whether you want to take a quick trip to the craft store when the weather is gloomy, or you want to gather household items and make them into a masterpiece, a rainy day is a perfect time to make either happen. Make it exciting with kids or your partner by gathering items like paper towel tubes, string, glue, construction paper, markers & scissors, and see what you can make. Pinterest or Google can be helpful with crafting as well since they can give you inspiration for what you should create.
3. Board games – Board games are a great way to spend quality time together without screens that is organic and genuine. Take the time on your next rainy day to set everyone’s phones and tablets away and dust off a board game from the cupboard. Some fun options for a younger crowd are charades or apples to apples. Older kids can play classics like monopoly and not even know they are working on their math skills at the same time (bonus for parents). Card games are also a fun alternative to more complex board games. Slapjack & war are popular and simple choices.
4. Exercise – Try to get your body moving on the next rainy day by utilizing YouTube videos. You can find videos about yoga, high-intensity workouts, and much more. Most TVs now can even stream from your phone or tablet to the TV so the whole family can participate. A fun way to include children into moving their bodies or to scratch that competitive itch you may have with your partner is making it a relay or timed race to complete moves. Add a prize into the mix to keep it interesting and fun too.

5. Read – Reading is a pastime that is still so important but not as prevalent in today’s society, so let’s make it a priority on the next cloudy day. Pull out some old favorites to read from the attic, or if you are looking for something new, check out the bookstore on your phone or tablet and load it quickly right to your fingertips in seconds. If reading is not for you but you still want to expand your intellect, consider an audiobook. Most written pieces have an audio version for the auditory learners out there.
6. Movies – Movies are a fan favorite on an unsavory day outside. Now more than ever, because of streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney Plus, we have thousands of films readily available to watch any time we want. To make it more interesting, grab some dice or put names in a hat to pick who gets to choose the first movie, then the second, and so on.

7. Bake – After all of the other activities, you are sure to have worked up an appetite! Why not get your apron on and bake some goodies? Most simple baked goods are made with pantry staples that can typically be found in your kitchen. A quick run to the store may be necessary to make a more specific treat. You can also add a fun twist and try to make something yummy with only things you have on hand. 
8. Organize – Rainy days come all year round, but if they are specifically happening in springtime, why not take it as a cue to get chipping away at the spring cleaning you had planned. Whether it is spring cleaning or just some much-needed organizing, take the time on a day stuck inside to go through your closet and get rid of things you no longer need. Do some of that deep cleaning you don’t often do but know needs to be done, like sorting out socks and throwing out the missing pairs. Organizing and cleaning may not be at the top of your list, but you will thank yourself for taking the time on a rainy day to get it done.

9. Play outside – As long as lightning and thunder are at bay, give yourself permission to head outside on the next rainy day to have some young-hearted fun. Jumping in puddles and getting a little dirty is sure to make you smile and relieve some overdue stress that has built up from day-to-day life. 

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