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Contractor Highlight: Raintree Landscape Construction

Contractor Spotlight - Raintree Landscape Construction
by R.I. Lampus
In honor of another great building season, The R.I. Lampus Company has decided to finish the year by highlighting just a few of our many trusted contractors who work with us. This first blog showcases a company that operates north of the City of Pittsburgh: Raintree Landscape Construction, LLC. Read more

Hardscapes and Softscapes: Working together

Softscapes and Hardscapes Working Together
by R.I. Lampus
Now that hardscapes and softscapes have been defined, it’s time to get educated on how to make them work together in order to create a backyard oasis. Read more

Hardscapes vs. Softscapes: What are Softscapes?

Softscape plants for your backyard
by R.I. Lampus
Softscapes are more commonly known as landscaping. Everything from trees, shrubbery, and plant life are included. Softscapes are everything soft and living in your outdoor spaces. Softscapes add a natural touch to your spaces to keep them colorful, peaceful, and welcoming. Read more

Hardscapes vs. Softscapes: What are Hardscapes?

Outdoor Hardscape Living Space
by R.I. Lampus
Over the next few blogs, we are going to dig into what options are available for outdoor-living spaces, additional features to utilize, and how to supplement with softscapes. Read more

Hardscape Projects from Start to Finish

Hardscape Job - Start to Finish
by R.I. Lampus
It’s always exciting to start a new project at home, especially when it will add value and aesthetics to your house. Taking on a hardscape project is a lot, whether you’re a ‘do-it-yourselfer’ or hiring a contractor, so this article is meant to prepare you for the project and what it all entails. Read more


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Syncing Technology with Hardscapes and Outdoor-Living Spaces

Syncing Technology with Hardscapes and Outdoor Living Spaces
by R.I. Lampus
Smart speakers, like Alexa Echo or Google Nest, are great for staying organized, compiling grocery lists, or getting the kids awake in the morning. You can also use this intuitive technology to control features outside. Utilizing this kind of technology can make your outdoor oasis seamless. Read more

Take the Pressure out of Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing 101
by R.I. Lampus
It’s good to know the basics before tackling a job like pressure washing. Read more