Big Block Series Part 3: MagnumStoneŽ

by R.I. Lampus
Big Block Series Part 3: MagnumStoneŽ

For an innovative installation process when building a sturdy retaining wall, MagnumStone® is your go-to block.

MagnumStone Residential Retaining Wall
MagnumStone® is a dual purpose wet-cast product that has an aggressive textured shadowing affect that is far nicer than your typical commercial product. MagnumStone® is available in standard and half high heights. MagnumStone® block also has base extensions that reduces the need for excavation on jobs. R.I. Lampus Company offers this product in a natural tone.

MagnumStone Product Specs

MagnumStone Installation
Because of the excavation reduction with MagnumStone®, this is the perfect product to use in areas where there is a sloping hill with not much depth for digging. The half-high units create a soften step down in commercial applications. The height and size makes this product a great fit for residential applications as well.

MagnumStone Residential Retaining Wall

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Ian Anderson

Hey! Thanks for the information. The magnum stone looks impressive from a design point of view. Does the magnum stone take time to install on properties? It's an exciting concept. We do king post wall designs if you need any information on them. Thanks for the great post! Ian

06/08/2023 12:13 PM