Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management: Series Conclusion

by R.I. Lampus
Stormwater Management Series Conclusion

Over the entire month of August, many aspects of stormwater management have been covered. Follow the entire series starting with the introduction blog here.

Permeable Pavement  Cross Sections
PERMEABLE PAVEMENT: The first week went over permeable pavers and how they are being integrated into the hardscape arena.

If you missed the blog about Permeable pavers, check it out here.

Rain Garden Cross Section
RAIN GARDENS: Next, we discussed rain gardens. Putting rain gardens into place can not only assist with flooding at your own home, but they can help reduce the stormwater that flows into the sewage systems. Learn how to install your very own rain garden by visiting Rain Garden DIY.

If you missed the blog about Rain Gardens & Bio retention, you can find it here.

Rain Collection System Diagram
RAIN HARVESTING: Lastly, the blog series covered the topic of rain collection. Rain collection can range from a simple rain barrel attached to your downspouts to a more complex filtration system. To begin your rain collecting journey, go to Rain Collection DIY for instructions on a simple way to begin.

If you missed the blog about Rain Collection, catch up here.

Alternative Energy - Solar & Wind
Green Infrastructure put into place for Stormwater management is just the beginning of the sustainability movement happening around us. Some more examples of ways to be greener are using solar power, electric cars, and even just making the conscious effort to recycle. For more information on recycling, take a look at our blog from earlier this year about going green: Go Green or Go Home.

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