Fire Pit Safety Tips

by R.I. Lampus
Fire Pit Safety Tips

Now that we are full swing into fire pit season, here are a few tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe while roasting those marshmallows.

- Know what your city’s rules and regulations are when dealing with owning and using a fire pit. Many municipalities require a permit to burn.
- When choosing a location for your fire pit, make sure it is somewhere with proper ventilation.  Be sure to avoid low-hanging branches, rooflines, and other structures that may pose a fire hazard.
- Always build your fire pit on level ground.
- Check the wind direction before you light your fire. Also sit away from the wind.
- Please have a fire extinguisher handy just in case flames get out of hand. A bucket of sand can also be used to stifle flames.
- When choosing wood, pine and oak are excellent choices.
- Never use gasoline or lighter fluid to light a fire pit.
- Supervise children around the fire. Whether it’s for hot dogs or s’mores, kids shouldn’t be left to do activities with fire-- Or friends who might have had one too many.

- Pets should also be kept a safe distance from the flames.
- Never leave your fire unattended.
- Extinguish your fire completely when you are done using it. Fire extinguisher, sand, or water can be safely used to put out the fire.

Hopefully with these helpful tips, you’re on your way to enjoy your evenings outside lounging by your fire pit. Stay safe and enjoy!

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