Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management

by R.I. Lampus
Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management

Sustainability is a movement that is here to stay. There are so many ways people have been able to make resources last longer like solar panels, electric cars, and wind turbines. Green infrastructure for stormwater management is one way people are taking action to improve our environment.

Rain Water In Yard
Stormwater management, in a basic definition, is controlling the water from rainstorms. Water takes time from the initial falling from the sky to seep back into the ground.

Sometimes the rain infiltration needs help with the use of rain gardens or bio-retention systems. Rain gardens help with the pooling of water after heavy rainfall, by re-directing the flow of the water into an area that has vegetation planted in a shallow basin.

In outdoor spaces, water can also sit on top of patios, driveways, etc. This happens when there is not enough slope to direct the rain toward the green space surrounding. Permeable pavers assist in the drainage process in outdoor spaces to reduce this.

Instead of helping the water back into the ground, some people choose to collect the rainwater. This eliminates infiltration issues and creates a useful water resource to save water in other areas of life.

No matter the reason for green infrastructure, there are options to regulate your stormwater. Follow along all this month, while we share weekly information on different ways you can put green infrastructure for stormwater management into your outdoor spaces.

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