Hardscapes vs. Softscapes: What are Softscapes?

by R.I. Lampus
Softscape plants for your backyard

In the last blog, we discussed what hardscapes are. To further the conversation, it is good to discuss the counterpart to hardscapes: softscapes.

Softscapes are more commonly known as landscaping. Everything from trees, shrubbery, and plant life are included. Softscapes are everything soft and living in your outdoor spaces. Softscapes add a natural touch to your spaces to keep them colorful, peaceful, and welcoming.

Let’s go over some options that are available and known to be successful in softscapes:

Arborvitae Trees
- October Glory Maple: easy to maintain, grows quickly, reliable, beautiful tones
- Emerald Arborvitae: low maintenance, works in large or small spaces, perfect for privacy, reliable

Hydrangea Bush
Azalea: Broad range of colors and sizes, shade tolerant, average maintenance
Hydrangea: Quick growing, low maintenance, brilliantly-colored

Marigold Flowers
- Begonias: self-cleaning, needs little to thrive, attractive
Marigolds: perform well in heat, no-fuss annual, cheery disposition, great for beginners

Softscapes offer lots of benefits to your outdoor areas like reducing noise, by deferring sound with the lush landscaping you choose. Softscapes can be changed over time making them versatile too. Consider planning your hardscapes first, and then incorporating your softscapes around the permanent structures to soften and enhance the space.

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