Spring into Cleaning - Tips on How to Reset your Home this Season

by R.I. Lampus
Spring into Cleaning - Tips on how to reset your home this season

Spring has sprung! When we think of springtime we envision brighter days. With brightness comes sunshine, and with sunshine comes the ability to see all the dirt and dust that has been hibernating throughout the dreary winter months. Banish that dust and dreariness by tackling some spring cleaning, so you can head into the warmer months feeling lighter and brighter!

Spring Cleaning Supplies

The first and most important thing to do when starting spring cleaning, is to make a plan. It can feel very overwhelming looking at the mountain of work to be done all at once. Making a step-by-step plan can make the work feel more manageable. A plan that works well is going room by room. Instead of looking at the entire house as one huge task, going room by room creates smaller, micro goals that feel more achievable. Once you have your room by room plan, break it down even further by working from ceiling to floor. For example, if you are coming up with a plan for your kitchen, start with the shelves and cabinets up high and work your way down. This strategy cuts back on lots of ups and downs throughout the process, creating easier flow. Another suggestion for making the plan seamless, is by choosing a cleaner that is versatile. A multi-purpose cleaner is great for simplifying what you need on-hand. You will only need to keep that option in your cleaning holster as opposed to shuffling through multiple cleaners throughout the cleaning process.

Cluttered Closet
Once you know where you are heading first on your spring cleaning venture, start by decluttering the space. This stage gives the opportunity to edit and eliminate. A pantry or closet would be a good example of this. Pull everything out, sort the items into piles like keep, donate, and trash. Once you organize the contents, then you can come up with a plan to organize what you are keeping into a system that works for you. Keep in mind that you can’t keep everything. Lean into parting with things that no longer serve you.

Don’t forget about your appliances. Refrigerators and freezers need a good clean out at least once a year. Check expiration dates and discard things that have gone bad or consider donating items that you are not going to eat to a food pantry.

Another piece of the cleaning puzzle you don’t want to overlook are your light fixtures. It’s tedious, but go around and replace any bulbs that are burnt out or close to it. While you’re scoping out the lights, dust the light fixtures and any picture frames/artwork that are up on the walls throughout your home. Dust is far more visible in the sunshine, so it’s good to tackle dusting on the days when the sunlight is pouring through your windows.

Speaking of windows, when the weather warms up is a great time to clean the windows too. Get the glass cleaner out to remove any smudges on the interior. Also take your duster to blinds or window treatments. It’s not a bad idea to take down curtains and launder them as needed. Weather permitting, take the window cleaning to the exterior and get the outsides of the windows wiped down.

Testing a Smoke Detector

On the topic of replacement, springtime is the season to check your air vents and filters. After the constant running of the heat throughout the winter, and in preparation of running the A/C in summer, it’s good to make sure everything is fresh and clean.

Consider replacing batteries in fire detectors during the big cleanout. If you keep this habit to the same time of year, you never need to question when the next replacement is due.

Front Porch

Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Print out a spring cleaning checklist to stay on track. Spring is all about starting over, so take this season as an opportunity to update and freshen up your home. What better time to turn over a new leaf than spring!

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