Contractor Highlight: Raintree Landscape Construction

by R.I. Lampus
Contractor Spotlight - Raintree Landscape Construction

In honor of another great building season, The R.I. Lampus Company has decided to finish the year by highlighting just a few of our many trusted contractors who work with us.  This first blog showcases a company that operates north of the City of Pittsburgh: Raintree Landscape Construction, LLC.

Sean Freudenberg & Ben Giovengo of Raintree Landscape Construction
Name: Sean Freudenberg
Company Name: Raintree Landscape Construction, LLC
Years in business: 15

1. Why and how did you get into the Hardscape business?
Ultimately there is a long list of reasons why we got into the hardscaping business. To keep it simple we get to combine the desire to create with a passion to build. It combines the natural world with our own living space. We get to work outside and see tangible results from our hard work, which we find extremely satisfying.

2. Hardest lesson learned while in business?
Not every project is a great fit for the company, and that's okay. This was a hard notion to accept, especially early on when we were starting the company.

3. One goal for the next building season?
We've always been very focused on our construction methods and staying on top of details. So we've stayed small and nimble as a company in order to maintain our standards. However, we really want to accomplish more during the year to meet the customer demand. We'd like to expand into a second crew in order to provide our service to more people.

4. Top suggestion for a new guy getting into the field?
Stay organized, focused, and forever willing to learn. The challenges will be many, and you'll need to persevere to have any level of success.

5. Favorite project to date?
We did a patio and stone deck combination that overlooked the 18th hole at Nevillewood. It was a challenging design in a difficult lot. The renderings were done by a local landscape architect. So many measurements were crucial to the success of the project. It was very demanding at times, but it was exciting to be a part of it. It felt amazing to see it through to the end and present it to the customer.

6. Favorite Lampus product?
I really like Rosetta Outcropping. It can look very natural and nestled in the natural environment.

7. When you are not working, what is a hobby or favorite pastime you have?
When I'm not working I'm either riding my bike or spending time with my family.
Ben (my company partner) really enjoys family time or going to Penguins games.

Raintree Landscape Construction Patio

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